How to Remove Dog Hair from Blankets

​​Every dog owner can attest to the endless battle against fur-covered furniture, clothing, and especially, blankets. It's a common sight: you've just washed your favorite throw, only to find it quickly reclaimed and adorned with a fresh layer of dog hair. While our furry companions bring endless joy and warmth to our lives, their shed fur often has a way of embedding itself into every fabric surface of our homes, especially those cozy blankets that both humans and pets are so fond of.

Managing dog hair can often seem like a never-ending chore, with some blankets acting as magnets for every stray strand. But fret not! Achieving a fur-free zone is not an unattainable dream. With the right techniques and tools, removing dog hair from blankets can be made simple and hassle-free. If you're tired of constantly battling with stubborn pet hair, keep reading to discover effective methods that will leave your blankets looking as good as new.

The Magic of Masking/Duct Tape

Easy and Affordable:

One of the simplest ways to rid your blanket of dog hair is using masking/duct tape. Its adhesive nature ensures that pesky dog hair adheres to it effortlessly. While it's a cost-effective method, it is particularly efficient for smaller surfaces or touch-ups. To utilize this method, wrap the tape around your hand, ensuring the sticky side is facing outward. By gently pressing and patting your tape-wrapped hand over the blanket, you'll notice that hairs adhere to the tape. Once saturated with hair, simply dispose of the used tape, rewrap your hand, and continue the process until satisfied.

Effectiveness and Versatility:

What's great about the masking/duct tape method is its adaptability. Not just restricted to blankets, this technique can be applied to various fabrics around your home, from clothing to upholstery. Furthermore, because masking tape is a household item found in most homes, it’s an accessible method for immediate hair removal.


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Lint Rollers: A Classic Solution

Quick and Effective:

Lint rollers, commonly used for clothing, are also highly effective for removing dog hair from blankets. Especially if you're dealing with a large blanket, utilizing a bigger lint roller can expedite the process. The adhesive sheets on lint rollers are designed to lift and capture hairs, fibers, and lint. As you roll over the blanket, you’ll see dog hair being lifted away. Once the sheet is full, simply peel it off to reveal a fresh adhesive layer underneath.

Convenient and Portable:

Given their compact design, lint rollers can be kept in handy spots around the house or even in the car, making them perfect for on-the-go hair removal. They're particularly useful for quick touch-ups before guests arrive or when you're preparing to travel with your furry companion.

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Rubber Gloves: An Unexpected Savior

Natural Attraction:

The science behind this method is simple: dog hair is naturally attracted to rubber. By wearing rubber gloves and running your hands over the blanket, you create friction, which causes the hair to lift and stick to the glove. It's a method endorsed by cleaning professionals and is surprisingly efficient.

Easy Cleanup:

Once you're done with the process, simply dip the gloves in a bowl of water. The hair detaches and floats to the surface, making for an effortless cleanup. This method not only ensures your blanket remains fur-free but also keeps your drainage systems safe from potential clogs.

Squeegees: Not Just for Windows

Deep Cleaning Action:

Squeegees, typically used for cleaning windows, can double up as effective dog hair removers. When dragged across your blanket, the rubber blade collects and pulls the hair from the fabric, which then accumulates in a pile. For deeply embedded hairs or for tackling larger blankets, a squeegee can be the perfect tool.

Effective and Satisfying:

One of the added benefits of using a squeegee is the satisfaction it brings. Watching the accumulated hair pile up is a testament to its effectiveness, and it provides tangible results of your cleaning efforts.

Vacuums and Pumice Stones: Advanced Methods

Deep Dive with Vacuums:

Vacuums, particularly those designed for pet owners, can be potent weapons against persistent dog hair. Their powerful suction ensures that even deeply embedded hairs are extracted from the blanket. Whether using a handheld device or a full-sized vacuum with a brush attachment, the mechanical action combined with suction guarantees a deeper clean.

The Pumice Stone Effect:

While traditionally used for skin care, pumice stones are surprisingly adept at hair removal. Their rough texture catches onto loose hairs, pulling them from the blanket’s surface. By simply dragging the stone across the blanket, dog hair gathers into easily collectable clumps. This method is gentle yet effective, ensuring your blanket remains undamaged while becoming fur-free.


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