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Paw Partners

Over the years, Paw has partnered with dozens of dogs and their humans! We take pride in our Paw Pack and wanted to share it with the rest of our community. We would like to introduce you to some of the Paw Pack that makes this all possible!
  • @2husketeers | 197k followers

    Nika and Kira are two Siberian Huskies living in Wisconsin with their owners Katlin and Jonathan. When the weather gets cold, the dog sled comes out, and Nika and Kira especially love pulling their owners through the snow and lounging in the freezing temperatures until they are forced to come inside. Life is too short to not live like a Husky!

  • @charlie.the.dalmatian | 87K followers

    This is Charlie. He is 1 and a half years old and lives in Charlotte, North Carolina. He is a long coat Dalmatian with heart-shaped eyes. 

  • @orzotheboxer | 38K followers

    Orzo and Risotto are Boxers living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Orzo is 4 years old and Risotto is almost 2. Orzo and Risotto are half brother and sister as they share the same mother. They are known as the Pastinas. (Yes, their hooman pawrents are Italian!) They LOVE car rides, taking walks/runs and playing in their sandbox. When they're not creating shenanigans, they love to cuddle.

  • @remi_theblklab | 32K followers

    This is Remi. She is a 2-year-old Black Labrador Retriever with the sweetest little puppy dog eyes. She loves everyone, but her partner in crime is her 3-year-old human sister. Remi loves spending time with her family, chewing bones, and playing with their stuffed toys. When she isn't playing, she is cuddling with her mom or snoozing on her Paw.com bed.

  • @ear_up_aussies | 14.5k Followers

    Jones is a 2-year-old Red Merle Australian Shepherd. He lives with his mom and dad right outside of Dallas, Texas in a city called Plano. Jones loves to play tug-o-war, catch, and will do anything for a peanut butter filled kong. One interesting thing about Jones – he was a surprise birthday present for his mom who had desperately wanted an Aussie for years and had his name picked out long before he was born! Although he sheds like crazy, his parents wouldn't trade the dog hair all over for anything in the world!

  • @therufflifeofluna | 31K followers

    Luna is 3 years old living in Houston, Texas. She is a very active Husky who loves to jump onto everything she can. She will jump off of walls, people, other dogs and even 6’ fences! Luna is very loving and caring for all humans and animals. She is even friends with her mom’s Bearded Dragon, who rides on her back at times. Her parents originated her Instagram name The Ruff Life of Luna from how "rough” she really has it. Luna is definitely a spoiled pup who deserves all the love in the world.  

  • @higbee_the_dalmatian | 4k followers

    Higbee is a 3-year-old Dalmatian whose main goal in life is to please his momma! He loves playing with his toys and learning new tricks, but his favorite thing to do is model dog products! 

  • @gunner_kimber | 17K followers

    Gunner and Kimber are German Shepherds living in Maryland. Gunner and his younger sister Kimber are quite the dynamic duo!

  • @leonidopold | 26K followers

    Leo the Yorkie and his furriends Eevee and Paxton are total squad goals. They love to sit, play and stay together. 

  • @charlieandbodie | 185K followers

    Bodie the sweet Golden Retriever was born on June 28th, 2017. He loves to cuddle and cause chaos with his brother Charlie. 

  • @housefullofsummer | 17K followers

    This is Summer. Summer's mom is a Blue Great Dane and her dad is a Fawn English Mastiff making her a "Blue Fawn." Summer weighs 170 lbs. She is seven years old and full of love. Some of her favorite things include her faux cowhide memory foam dog bed and doggie ice cream.

  • @sadie_mcfurson | 500 followers

    Sadie is a beautiful Black Labrador Retriever who was born on April 26th, 2011. She loves to be active and regularly competes in events like canine biathlons and diving competitions.


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