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4 Ways to Eliminate Pet Odors

Those of us who have pets know just how much our furry friends are members of our family. For as much as we love our four-legged family members, they can make our home smell, well, pretty bad. When you have cats or dogs in your home, it’s hard to avoid the odors that come with them. While it may seem challenging to eliminate pet odors, it’s definitely possible!


Here are 4 ways to eliminate pet odors from your home:


1.) Wash your pet's bed

Black Lab on a Pet Bed

Your pet’s bed could be the smelliest item in your entire home (besides of course your furry friends themselves) as your pup is constantly coating it in fur, dirt, saliva, and dander. Most quality pet beds are machine washable, so you’ll just need to take off the cover and run it through the washing machine. Once you’ve washed the cover and put it back on your pet’s bed, it’ll be as good as new! It may also be worth it to invest in extra pet bed covers so that when you wash your pet’s bed cover, you have an extra one on hand so your pup won’t lose any sleep on their comfy bed while you wash their bed cover! 


It’s also important to regularly wash all of the other items that your pet uses on a daily basis, including pet blankets, pillow covers, and sheets (if your pet is allowed on your bed). Just about any fabric in your home can develop pet odors, so put everything you can through the washing machine.


2.) Keep your home smelling fresh with a pet odor eliminator

Pet Odor Eliminator

To keep your home smelling fresh and clean while living with your pets, the best pet odor eliminator is essential. Marlie Mist Pet Odor Eliminator is an all natural odor neutralizer made with pet-friendly essential oils. While typical odor deodorizers contain harmful chemicals that simply mask smells with heavy perfumes and harsh ingredients, Marlie Mist is naturally derived and effectively removes unwanted smells. The paraben and sulfate free spray can be used on pet beds, pillows, carpets or rugs, furniture, blankets, or wherever your furry friend hangs out. Just a few sprays will remove—not just cover—pet odors with safe, natural enzymes! 


3.) Vacuum up pet hair and dander

Pet Vacuum

For those of us with furry friends who shed, managing all of the fur can be a struggle. It’s important to vacuum up the pet hair and dander from the floor, couch cushions, behind furniture and in all the places that your four-legged pal likes to hang out. Even if your pet doesn’t shed too much, it’s still important to vacuum regularly as you will still have pet dander to deal with. Your carpets can hold a large amount of hair, dander, and dust, so you’ll want to thoroughly vacuum your carpets often. Does your dog see the vacuum as their mortal enemy? With a little work and some patience, you can teach your fur pal not to be scared of the vacuum and overcome their fear once and for all!


4.) Change your home’s air filters regularly

Air Filter

Trapped pet dander in your filters can lead to lingering pet odors. The circulating air spreads the smell throughout your home, making it hard to escape. Clogged air filters can also make your heating and cooling systems work less effectively. Air filters should be cleaned or replaced on a monthly basis. Experts recommend using a HEPA filtration system for extra air purification. For those will allergies, a HEPA air filter can tackle dander or pet odor issues directly. 


Wet fur, dander, muddy paws, litter boxes, and whatever the cat dragged in can all leave your home smelling less than fresh with lingering pet odors. But, thankfully, with just a few extra steps, pet odors can be eliminated.

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written by

Katelyn Buck

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