The Cutest DIY Halloween Costumes For Your Dog

Halloween is a joyous occasion that comes once a year where you can dress up in your favorite costume and be someone or something else for the day. If you don't have time to make it to the costume store before Halloween, no need to worry! Creating a DIY costume from items lying around your home is a fun alternative. 

Don't limit your Halloween crafting just to your human family members. Get all members involved, including your fur babies. We've compiled a list of super creative and easy DIY dog costumes to try out on four-legged friends of all sizes.


1. Beanie Baby




Turn your dog into one of your favorite childhood toys. All you need is some card stock and markers to make this super simple costume. Cut a heart-shaped tag out of card stock, decorate it with white letters, then tie it to your pet's collar.



2. Giant Loofah




Some Halloween costumes aren't so much about trying to be someone else but rather to be something else. One creative DIY dog costume idea is to use toile fabric and white rope to create a giant loofah. All you need to do is adhere toile to a dog shirt using hot glue or thread. 


3. Chia Pet




You won't be able to stop singing "Ch-ch-ch-chia" once your pup is walking around in this hilarious costume. Glue faux greenery to a dog vest to turn your pup into a plant. Add a "pot" by sewing orange felt tubes to fit their legs and safety-pinning them to the vest.


4. Sweet S'more




Less is s’more with this costume! Use hot glue to attach felt in the shape of melted chocolate to the top of a white dog sweater or coat. Glue cardboard graham crackers onto the top and bottom, and cut the square on their belly small enough to leave room for their legs.


5. Starbucks Drink




This Halloween costume is super easy to recreate using cardboard, a Starbucks logo, and a to-go coffee lid as the hat. If you have a different local coffee shop you prefer, just swap out the logo. 


6. Harry Pawter




Harry Potter fans have found dozens of ways to transform their pooches into their favorite Wizarding World characters, and the results are beyond cute. You can repurpose scarves and glasses you own, or you can make glasses using pipe cleaners. 



7. Hershey’s Kiss




Your pup will look extra sweet in this delicious Hershey’s Kiss costume. Just use aluminum foil to wrap around their body and create a hat. Cut out a white strip of paper and attach it to the hat to complete the look!


8. Mummy




Try out this Halloween classic on your dog using medical gauze. To recreate this look, soak medical gauze in brown tea water. Rinse and dry thoroughly, then adhere the gauze to some white dog pajamas.


9. Rocket Dog

 (Costume Works)



It's a bird, it's a plane, it's rocket dog! You can get crafty with this DIY jetpack that's sure to have your dog zooming with excitement. Paint two water bottles silver and wrap them in paper with the NASA logo printed on it. Attach to a harness or dog vest. Construction paper or tissue flames will boost the cuteness factor.


10. Sushi




This DIY sushi costume turns your dog into a delightful delicacy—with minimal effort on your part. Simply take a lightweight fleece throw, or some other textured white fabric, and top it with a pillow in a burgundy-colored pillowcase. Last, secure it to your dog’s back with a thick black ribbon.

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