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The History Of National Dog Week

We all know every dog has his day and thanks to Captain Will Judy, every dog also has his own week!


Held annually the last full week of September, National Dog Week was founded in 1928 by Captain Will Judy, a veteran of World War I who dedicated his life to educating people on the bond between dogs and humans. 


As the publisher of Dog World magazine and the author of The Dog Encyclopedia, Judy used his platform to raise awareness about the benefits of service dogs (in a time when the concept of working dogs was fairly new) and the importance of treating dogs with the kindness and respect they deserve. 

dog and soldier embrace

In Judy's writings "Why the World Likes Dogs," he professes his sincere love for dogs and why he created National Dog Week.


"The most patient thing in the world is your dog, waiting for hours at the top of the stairs to hear the sound of your footsteps, never complaining however late you may be," he wrote. 


"The most loyal thing in the world is your dog. Whether you come home from Congress or from jail, whether you have lost your fortune or made a million, whether you return home dressed in fashion's heights or in rags, whether you have been hailed as a hero or condemned as a criminal, your dog is waiting for you with a welcome bark of delight, a wagging tail and a heart that knows no guile," he continued.

Human pets a happy dog

"The world likes dogs because dogs are nearest to moral perfection of all living things," Judy concluded.


Will Judy's words on dogs serve as a reminder on why we should be so grateful for our furry friends and make sure every week we make it our mission to celebrate them like it's National Dog Week.


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Katelyn Buck

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