The Perks of Using a Dog Skin and Coat Supplement

Maybe you’ve seen your dog scratching or chewing their skin. Or you just want your pooch to have a nice, shiny coat. Whether it’s a proactive approach or a reactive solution, skin and coat supplements for dogs can improve their lives for the better.


From shorthaired to longhaired dogs and male to female, any canine can benefit from these dog supplements. Skin problems and dull fur will no longer be valid concerns of yours - or your dog’s either! Here are some of the advantages of giving your best bud a skin and coat supplement. 

Reduce Excessive Dog Shedding

It can be overwhelming as a pet parent to clean up the dog hair in your home. Sometimes it feels like vacuuming is endless and that you’re not even putting a dent in the accumulation of hair that lands on and embeds itself in anything and everything.


Sure, all dogs shed; it’s inevitable. However, you can cut down on your dog’s excessive shedding with the help of a dog coat supplement. Biotin is a beneficial vitamin for strengthening hair so that it doesn’t fall out as easily. Less hair falling out means a little bit less shedding. And less shedding means less vacuuming and home cleanup overall! Remember to keep up with brushing your dog regularly to further help with shedding.

Relieve Skin Allergies & Inflammation

There are tons of dog breeds naturally prone to skin problems - Boxers, Dalmations, and Golden Retrievers - to name only a few. The truth is, skin allergies and conditions such as dry skin affect so many dogs, regardless of breed.


Where there’s itchiness, there’s usually inflamed skin. Provide some relief for your fur baby’s itchy skin with all-natural anti-inflammatory Skin & Coat Soft Chews. A combination of high-quality natural ingredients works together to keep your dog content without all the inflammation and discomfort.

Keep Skin Hydrated

A supplement for dog skin may help keep their dry skin at bay. When indoor heating is at its highest temperature in the colder months, skin tends to get flaky due to a lack of moisture. But with a supplement on your side, you can help your dog retain moisture in their skin.


While dry skin in dogs is a common issue, it comes back to your dog’s level of comfort. Dry skin leads to itchiness and is, at minimum, a source of mild discomfort for your pup. Giving them the nutrients they need to maintain normal moisture for their skin is necessary for their comfort and happiness!


In combination with dog supplements for skin, consider using a humidifier in your home in colder weather. This provides a great skin hydration boost for humans, too!

Brushing Dog

Promote Healthy Skin & Coat

If your dog has dull fur or is experiencing skin issues, a skin and coat supplement for dogs can halt the recurrence of those issues. On the other hand, if they aren’t currently experiencing problems but happen to be a breed that's commonly affected by skin allergies, it doesn’t hurt to use a supplement as a preventative measure. Either way, you can count on those vitamins and omegas to come together and give them a shiny dog coat and healthy, nourished skin.

Improve General Well-Being

When your pup looks and feels good, it positively affects how they act. It may sound silly, but a skin and coat dog supplement could be almost confidence-building in that it may enhance their well-being. If you’ve ever taken your furry friend home from the groomer and seen them strut around the house afterward, then you've experienced this confidence. In fact, people are very much the same way. Don’t you feel like a million bucks with a fresh haircut? We tend to be happier and feel better about ourselves when we feel good in our skin - no pun intended!

Simply put, when your dog is no longer dealing with itchy skin or dry skin and can maintain their own healthy fur, happiness is a side effect. And as a pet parent, there’s no better reward than seeing your pooch shine from the inside out!

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