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Marlie's Corner Episode 7 "Bugsy Drake from Below Deck"

Bugsy Drake from the popular television show Below Deck Mediterranean joined us for a chat on Instagram Live on our latest episode of Marlie’s Corner to talk about all things dogs and yachts!

Bugsy Drake is a Chief stewardess on mega yachts and star of Bravo’s hit series Below Deck Mediterranian. Bugsy is a dog lover and has two beautiful Ridgeback pups back in her hometown of South Africa. Bugsy is no stranger to having dogs on board and just like the humans charter guests on board, four-legged guests get to experience the luxurious amenities of super yachts. Bugsy, who has been nicknamed the “queen of theme,” has even thrown extravagant birthday parties just for pups while out at sea! 

Check out Paw.com CEO David Gimes and his dog Marlie chat with Bugsy in the Marlie’s Corner episode “Bugsy Drake from Below Deck.”


Marlie's Corner Episode 7 "Bugsy Drake from Below Deck"

Be sure to tune in weekly on Fridays at 12pm ET to watch, ask questions, and win some PAW-some prizes! If you’d like to be featured in one of our upcoming episodes, send us a DM on Instagram @PawOriginal!

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