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The Best Winter Dog Beds

The weather is changing fast. Unfortunately, this means that it’s time to pull out winter gear like coats, hats and boots. And with nights getting colder and longer, there is nothing better than the feeling of being curled up in bed with that extra fluffy blanket, warm drink, and your best furry friend. 

Just like you, it’s crucial that your dog is just as comfortable this winter. One of the best ways to keep them toasty this season is with a winter dog bed that will keep them warm and cozy through those long nights.

No two dog beds are the same, winter dog beds combine the comfort and style of a traditional dog bed with the warmth and support needed to keep them cozy for those cold months. Read on to find out why you should invest in the best for your pooch.

What makes winter dog beds different from traditional dog beds?

Despite the extra layer of fur, dogs, just like us, are greatly affected by the change of season. And during those long, cold nights a standard dog bed just won’t cut it. Everyday dog beds lack the support and insulation that is designed into the fabric and cushioning of winter dog beds to ensure they stay comfortable through the night. 

A winter dog bed will allow them that extra (extra) layer of support from the cold surface of your house or an extra layer to curl up under. Especially if your dog wears a coat to go outside, it’s just as important that they get an added layer of warmth inside.


Huskies on Polar Bear Hide Bed

Depending on your dog, the type of winter dog bed you need can vary. Small dogs and dogs with short hair definitely need an extra layer when it gets colder. Puppies and older dogs can struggle to maintain their body temperature and could also use a lot of support when it comes to keeping their warmth.

While big dogs and long-hair dogs can still get cold in the winter, when shopping around for the best dog bed, make sure to also take into account extra support for their joints. 

The type of dog you have plays an important factor in choosing the best winter dog bed. On top of that, there are other factors to look out for when shopping for the perfect winter dog bed like fabric, type, and of course, style.


Fabric is a huge component when choosing the best winter dog bed for your furry friend. If you’re currently in the midst of house training, the first important thing to look for is a fabric that is waterproof and washable.


It might be also important to consider a waterproof throw blanket, for that extra layer of warmth and accident protection. Whether you have a pet with an on-the-go lifestyle or an on-the-couch lifestyle, the Paw.com PupProtector ™ Waterproof Throw provides a durable and cozy spot for your furry friend. Say goodbye to the days of animal fur-lined couches and car seats with this chic throw that matches Paw.com's cozy orthopedic memory foam pet beds.


For dog’s with a thicker coat, consider a microsuede or thinner fabric versus material like Sherpa or faux fur. While stylish and insulating, faux fur might contribute to a thick-hair dog overheating. Microsuede options are great in this scenario as they will still keep your pooch warm, but also make for easier cleaning.


Traditional dog beds like the PupDream Memory Foam Bed work to keep your dog insulated from the cold ground or floor with a thick memory foam core. And the thicker the bed, the warmer it will keep your dog. K9ofmine.com suggests a bed that is at least four inches thick for smaller dogs, and six inches for bigger dogs. Through wear and tear, thin beds will lose some of that support which is why it’s important to get your pooch something that will last. 

Enclosed beds, also known as cuddler beds, are great at keeping your pets well insulated. The half-dome roof acts like a blanket, giving your dog a cozy place to burrow in.

Self-heating beds use a highly reflective material to direct body heat back towards your pets. These are a great option for dogs with an extremely thin coat as the bed acts much in the same way that emergency blankets are used in extremely cold temperatures.

Electric beds work like heating pads or blankets, and have a thermostat that will turn on when plugged into a wall. While a great choice to ensure your dog is extra warm this winter, it is definitely not recommended for chewers.

Buffalo Plaid Bed and Blanket set with Dogs

Go Festive

Another great reason to spoil your pet with a seasonal dog bed, is one that will go with your seasonal decor. Get a bed that matches your throw pillows so that your pooch and home are ready for the holiday season.


Whether you go crazy for Halloween or the Christmas season (some would argue to decorate for both), you should think of your dog’s bed like any other item of furniture in your home. You want it to match the decor. If you change your pillows and add fun touches of color for the winter season, why not apply the same rule to your pooch’s throne. 

Your dog deserves the best this winter season. Paw.com offers a variety of warm styles, colors and sizes to ensure your house and pup are ready for those long and cold nights. 

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