5 Advantages of Giving Your Dog Joint Health Supplements

As a pet parent, our pup’s well-being is the top priority on our list. Of course, we want them to run free, tail wagging and tongue hanging out of their mouth. When they’re happy, we’re happy!


Unfortunately, senior dogs or certain dog breeds may eventually experience pain and discomfort due to their joint issues. They can become more sedentary and act less lively than they used to. 


Much like humans embark on their own wellness journeys to feel better overall and have more energy from day to day, wellness supplements can aid in giving your furry child a little more spring in their step. 


Sure, an orthopedic dog bed will offer them some instant comfort when they’re feeling under the weather. But a hip and joint supplement for dogs may potentially improve their life - thanks to helpful, all-natural ingredients. Let’s discuss just a handful of the many benefits these quality ingredients can supply for your dog’s joint issues.

1. Flexibility & Mobility

Often used to treat canine arthritis, glucosamine builds a cushion around joints to promote flexibility and mobility. The benefit is simple - glucosamine allows your dog’s joints to move more smoothly, making exercise or even just walking much less painful.


Did you know that glucosamine is a natural compound found in your pooch’s bones and joints? Older dogs don’t naturally produce the amounts of glucosamine they used to, and that's why they may need pet supplements to make up for the difference. It’s exactly the same for humans. Sometimes as we age, we need a bit of a boost!


When you give your dog a supplement with essential nutrients that their body is supposed to produce naturally, you have peace of mind that they’re taking in only quality ingredients. 

2. Cartilage Rejuvenation

It’s definitely not easy to pronounce - hence the nickname - but it’s easy to understand how MSM (full name: methylsulfonylmethane) contributes to your pupper's joint health. Since it consists of sulfur, MSM is critical to the repair and regeneration of cartilage in joints. As long as your dog has healthy cartilage, ideally, they won’t experience pain if their bones are gliding over one another with ease.

Hip & Joint Supplement for German Shepherd

3. Bone Health & Function

Ascorbic acid might not sound familiar, since it's commonly known as Vitamin C! Not only does Vitamin C promote healthy bones in your dog, but it also enhances bone growth. This is due to the ability of Vitamin C to stimulate collagen production. The more collagen your pup produces, the less likely they are to develop hip dysplasia or other severe issues over time. 

4. Reduced Inflammation

You’ve likely heard of turmeric being mentioned as a known antioxidant for humans. Those impressive properties extend to canine health as well. Useful as an anti-inflammatory agent, organic turmeric is proven to reduce your dog’s joint inflammation. Maybe you’ve witnessed your dog stretch, stand up, and stiffly walk over to greet you - well, turmeric may help with that awkward stiffness by decreasing swelling in their joints.

5. Joint Tissue Nourishment

Chondroitin is a well-known compound that aids in joint support by maintaining cartilage thickness. In other words, your fur baby should experience more comfort and less pain due to chondroitin increasing the elasticity of their cartilage. Think of chondroitin and glucosamine (see number 1!) as a mighty duo, working together in numerous ways to improve your dog’s joint health. 


Naturally, our dogs are precious family members that we want to be the healthiest they can be. It can be heartbreaking to see them struggling with hip and joint issues, but at least there is the hope of natural ingredients to alleviate their painful symptoms. While dog joint health supplements are often given to address a dog's current issues, they can also be used proactively (after 12 weeks of age) for those breeds susceptible to joint issues hereditarily.

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