Three Best Beds For Giant Dog Breeds

When it comes to bigger breeds, everything, and I mean everything, is oversized: their snacks, their bones, their toys, and especially their beds. It can be tricky to find a bed that’s suitable for both your living space and your pooch. When it comes to sleeping, just like humans, dogs have preferences too. Even decisions like cloth vs. mesh can be the difference between restlessness and a good night’s sleep for your pup. Because they spend so much time in bed, you're tasked with finding a good quality bed that offers both comfort and support. Especially when it comes to giant dog beds.


How to find the best dog beds for giant dogs


Just like people, every dog has a different personality, so there isn’t just one perfect bed that is suitable for them all. 


It’s important to truly know your giant dog and their behavior. Are they a chewer? Do they have certain health conditions? Do they tend to overheat? Knowing the answers to these questions can help you prioritize certain factors and narrow down your options for beds. For example, more senior dogs may need firmer beds for better joint support, while a really energetic puppy might require a mattress with stronger, more chew-resistant fabric. 

A malamute or husky, being walked in the woods by their owner, who loves giant dog breeds.

With numerous options of dog beds out on the market, finding your perfect fit can be extremely challenging. However, there are a few very high-quality options for different types of beds, varying in shapes and fabrics, which are especially reliable for giant dogs. These three types of dog beds can help you narrow down your search and help find your dog a suitable bed that's functional and flows with your home decor and design. 


1. Faux Fur vs. Fabric Bedding for Giant Dogs  

The fabric you choose for your giant dog beds has a major impact on how your pup will sleep. Bigger dogs tend to overheat quickly, especially pups with thicker coats. For these dogs, a standard microsuede-covered bed is a great fit. These beds have a soft surface covering a thick layer of memory foam so that your dog is comfortable and supported. Without the extra heat that you would find with a fluffier faux fur cover, these beds are perfect for dogs with long coats or in warmer climates. These beds are easy to clean and will keep your pet much cooler throughout the night than a fluffier bed.’s PupDream™ Memory Foam Bed comes in three large sizes, with a modern design to blend well into your home.  

Greyhound Dog curling up on cozy faux fur orthopedic dog bed

On the flip side, in colder climates, faux fur beds are definitely the way to go. These beds provide an extra coat for your pup to snuggle through the night. Some even come with human grade memory foam. offers a PupRug™ Bundle which includes both an orthopedic faux fur bed and also a matching waterproof blanket. All in giant dog size! These blankets are extremely durable yet super stylish, making them the perfect way to protect couches and bedding while blending seamlessly into your home decor.


2. Bolster Giant Dog Beds

The raised edges of bolster beds make them a perfect fit for dogs who tend to sleep curled up or like to rest their head on elevated surfaces. The shape of the bed can make all the difference for your pup; dogs tend to fall asleep in positions that offer the most physical comfort, and that make them feel the most safe. Having these cushioned walls can provide an extra layer of security. Dogs that were previously crate trained are especially soothed by this added edge.

Big Dog on Raised Bolster Memory Foam Dog Bed’s PupLounge™ Memory Foam Bolster Bed is a great option for bigger breeds, with a large, extra-large, and giant sizing. These giant dog beds are spacious enough to provide plenty of room for your pup while also maximizing comfort and functionality.


3. Orthopedic Giant Dog Beds

Large dog breeds are especially prone to weaker and worn joints, which over time can lead to more severe bone diseases. Supportive and firm mattresses are especially necessary to assist in the prevention of these bone issues and to aid your dog’s joint health. 

German Shepherd Dog on PupDream Orthopedic Bed from


Especially for giant breeds, getting up and lying down can be a strenuous activity. After running around all day, muscles and joints tense up if they’re kept in unrelaxed and constrained positions for long periods of time. Giant dog beds that aren’t the right size, or that aren’t soft enough to support the massive weight of a giant dog, can accelerate the degeneration of their muscles and joints.


Orthopedic beds offer an extra structural layer that you won’t find with a normal memory foam mattress.’s PupRug™  Orthopedic Bed comes in multiple sizes, shapes, and colors so that you can find the perfect fit for your dog. These beds are especially supportive and reliable for bigger breeds. You can also pair your bed with a throw blanket, a great solution for protecting your furniture that now comes king-sized so that your larger pup has plenty of space.


Sweet dreams for all

Ultimately, you love your dog and want what’s best for them. While there are plenty of great options for beds, going the extra mile and choosing one that’s equipped with all the essentials will help ease your pup into a comfortable night's rest. dog beds ensure that your furry friend can chase squirrels in their puppy dreams, and you can doze off with ease knowing that everyone is in for a good night’s sleep. 

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