2020 Road Trip Tips For Dog Owners

Now that stay-at-home orders are being relaxed around the country, many people are eager to get out and travel after being cooped up for months. It’s also become apparent that, given the restrictions on air travel in some areas, as well as many of us that aren’t quite “ready to fly” yet, road trips and local “staycations” will likely be the most popular form of travel. The only problem: are you ready for a dog road trip?

Though things are opening up, it’s still hard to find people willing to come into your home and watch your dog, cat, or other animals, and you may not be comfortable having visitors in your home. Plus, during the stay-at-home orders, we’ve all come to fully appreciate the comfort and companionship of our furry family members. So, why not bring your dog along on the trip?


In this guide, we’re going to give you tips and tricks for taking a dog-friendly vacation this summer that you, and your furry friend, will enjoy.

Bring Your Dog's Identification Information

Dog Identification

Make sure you bring identification for your dog with your dog's name, your name, your main phone number and proof of rabies shots and other vaccines. 


If you plan on being somewhere for more than a week, you may even consider investing in another identification tag that shows the location and phone number of your vacation destination. In the event your dog gets lost on your trip, you’ll want to be prepared to find them as quickly as possible. 


It would also be ideal that your dog is microchipped so that, in the case they are separated from you, they can be taken to a vet where they will check for their microchip and contact you. Having your dog microchipped just to take a vacation may seem extreme, but it does have benefits beyond your dog road trip or staycation. 


Having your dog microchipped costs around $50 on average (if you don’t need a physical exam beforehand), and hurts about as much as having blood drawn. If you’re an avid trip taker, the potential benefits far outweigh the one-time cost.


Plan Your Route

Dog Road

Before you hit the road with your dog, you’ll want to make sure to plan a pet-friendly route. Most major rest stops have areas for dogs to go to the bathroom and take some time to stretch their paws. Plan to take a 15-minute break at least every 4 hours. 


If you’re so inclined, you may want to work some off leash dog parks or dog-friendly trails into the trip as well. It may not be too often that your dog is able to explore the great outdoors, so give them every opportunity you can!


Secure Your Dog

Golden Retriever

When traveling with your pup, you should put their safety first. Dog car seat covers, such as the back seat hammock-style covers, will keep your car seats protected from dirt, hair, and scratch damage all while keeping your dog from falling off the back seat. 


At Paw.com, the health and wellbeing of your pets is our top priority. To help dog owners with their travels and companions, we’ve created travel products that fit any sized dog and vehicle. From back and front seat covers to safety belts and cargo liners, we have everything you need to keep your dog safe and comfortable on your dog road trip or staycation.

Check out our collection here


Pack Food & Water For Your Dog

Food Dog

Don’t forget to bring your dog’s favorite snacks for the long trip in the car. If you’re hungry on a long road trip, chances are your dog is too. Depending on the length of the trip, be sure to pack your dog’s breakfast and dinner as well.


It’s especially important to keep your pal hydrated along the way bringing plenty of water for the journey, and enough for any pit stops, hikes, or walks. A collapsible bowl is a good idea as well. But, carrying around bottles of water along with your dog’s entire water bowl can be cumbersome. Plastic, collapsible water bowls are easy to store, and can even come with hooks to hang off of your bag.


Book Pet-Friendly Accommodations 

Golden Retriever

Once you have your route planned, you’ll need to plan for where you’re going to stay with your pet. Dog road trips can be long, and it’s hard to find pet-friendly hotels, and even some campsites will not allow pets. 


It’s important to research hotels in advance to find out their pet policies, including size or weight restrictions, the number of pets allowed, and other rules. Many pet-friendly hotels will have all of this information readily available on their website. 


One great destination that we at Paw.com recommend is The Confidante Miami Beach; a pet-friendly, oceanfront hotel in the heart of beautiful Miami Beach. 


As part of The Confidante’s Pets in Paradise Package, your pooch will enjoy many perks, including taking a nap in the lap of luxury on a Paw.com memory foam pet bed throughout their stay. Check out The Confidante’s website for more information on their Pets in Paradise package.


Whether you visit the Confidante in Miami or another pet-friendly property somewhere else, if you follow these simple tips you can be confident you’ll have a great trip for your entire family, including your dog.

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Katelyn Buck

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